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Sudhana Gita

 Author: Martin Hart  Publisher: ASAT Press  Published: 2022  ISBN: 978-0-9895518-7-8  Pages: 270  Language: English  Download

The Sudhana Gita is a book of timeless inspiration and beauty. With over 300 unforgettable quotations along with stunning images, the Sudhana Gita takes the reader on a meditative journey into the inexhaustible richness and depth of the Soul and Spirit. The work touches on nine areas of human exploration: Exceptional Living, Freedom, Healing, Passing, Magic, Enchantment, Ancient Ones, Love, and Spirituality. Sit back, dim the lights, and embark on the Sudhana Gita’s magical, healing, and inspiring journey. Enjoy.


Sudhana Gita
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