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The Magic of the Scented Flowers

 Author: Martin Hart  Publisher: ASAT Press  Published: 2020  ISBN: 0989551830  Pages: 332  Language: English  Download

The Scented Flowers of Sinjin-Ka, a collection of ninety-one short tales, touches lives through its magical, humorous, and moving stories.  The Magic of the Scented Flowers takes these stories to another level, a personal healing level.  It’s written as a guide for self-exploration and as an oracle of self-discovery.  It will assist you in processing life’s many ups and downs independently.  And when the books are combined, they’ll serve as companions on your unique journey of becoming more.  This book is a book of magic and a book of profound lessons in self-awakening.  Come, join us on this adventure.  What miracles await you on your incredible journey!


The Magic of the Scented Flowers
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