Some students prefer the live training, others the online format.  It's a matter of which feels right to you.  With the online option, a student can save money on travel expenses and feel more comfortable in their own home.  With the live option, students benefit from the dynamics of the classroom environment and in meeting other students face to face.  Both will do the job.

We are not in the business of diagnosing, treating, or prescribing. We're not doctors or psychologists; we're educators and guides along a unique path of growth and change.   ASAT™ C.O.R.E. Counseling is a different profession.

If helping others rid their life of struggle, pain, and fear to create one of elegance, magical synchronicities, and fun requires a license in your state, the answer is yes.

However, to the best of our knowledge, no state currently requires licensing for the work we do.

Sorry, we do not offer scholarships or payment plans.

Your instructor for both the three-weekend and online training is the course developer and ASAT™ C.O.R.E. architect Dr. Martin Hart, or an instructor personally trained by him.

Dr. Hart has been in private practice for over 40 years. His courses and workshops have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, and The London Sunday Telegraph. He has also appeared on leading national and international radio programs discussing his unique work.

Yes, of course.

You see, this course is really about you.  Nothing in your life changes until you do.

C.O.R.E. is about growing and becoming more.  All healing is self-healing. The bottom line of this course is to re-awaken and reclaim the authorship of your life.

And, of course, to enjoy that life.

C.O.R.E.'s work is not really for children or adolescents.  They’re not yet at the point where they possess the adult level of awareness and responsibility necessary for this work to be most effective.  Most grown-ups are not adult enough or responsible enough to respond to this work.  The C.O.R.E map is suited more for spiritual adults.   Children and adolescents have different needs and requirements.  It would best serve them, in my opinion, to have them see a counselor who specializes in children and adolescents.  Although I must admit, I’ve worked with a few in the past; the results were pleasantly surprising.  You see, you never know.

Other than students must be no younger than 21 years of age, nothing more is required.  You can be a successful counselor whether you have some formal training in the field or not.  Many of our graduates currently practice some form of healing; some do not.  All are learning a new and remarkable program that will significantly change your life and those who seek you out for guidance.  No prerequisites are required.

Yep.  ASAT™ C.O.R.E Counseling is a different profession; there are no prerequisites, other than being over 21, for becoming one.  It’s not psychology, psychiatry, etc.  To become one of those, you’ll need the education and licensing required.  Most people take the ASAT™ C.O.R.E Counseling training solely for their own self-healing.  Some have elected to make a part-time or full-time profession in the field.  Others quietly do their C.O.R.E. healing ‘work’ helping others in the course of their day-to-day interaction with them.  Most graduates elect to employ their training this way. The form is not what’s important.   The C.O.R.E map is a guide; if you wish to help others, pay attention to what calls out to you.  Follow your heart, never your pocketbook.

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