One of the many fond memories of the holiday season was our family Christmas Eve tradition of ‘light peeping.’   With dad and mom in the front seat and I in the back cuddling with Lucky, our faithful dog, we’d ride around the streets of suburban Buffalo in Rosie, the ever-reliable family ford, searching for brilliantly decorated houses.  Oh, the adventure, and oh, the magic of this sacred tradition!

In the darkness of the winter night, reflecting off the glistening snow, a wonderland appeared around every corner and down every winding street, an enchanted wonderland of twinkling and shining.  Oh, the joy and magnificence of this twinkling and shining in the dark of a winter’s eve!

That was sixty-five years ago.

Like that night of old, today’s world is dark, indeed.  But it’s a darkness of a greatly divided world, a darkness of lost hope, lost dreams, lost civility and lost understanding and compassion.  It’s not easy to see twinkling and shining in such darkness.  But it’s there, nonetheless.

It is very hard to see twinkling and shining in a world that replaces dialogue with dogma, in a world of self-centeredness and childish ego wounding, fear, loathing, and blame.  But it’s there, nonetheless.

During this eve of a coming new year, beyond your hesitancy and fear, step outside your judgments and terror, and pursue twinkling and shining.  Make it your life’s tradition.  Oh, they’re there waiting to be discovered around every corner and down every winding street.  You’ll find them if you’re willing, really willing.  And you’ll be captured by their magic and their enchantment if you will only recognize, accept, and forgive yourself for your fear of magic and enchantment.  Oh, the majesty waiting to be discovered!

During this eve of a coming new year, invite the twinkling and the shining.  Accept the birthing of the new you, and behold the birthing of the new world.  It’s there to see; it just needs those willing to see it.  It requires you, dear one, to see it.

Within the embrace of your Higher Self, travel around the corners of this New Year, this new time.  Travel down the winding roads and behold the wonder and the magic awaiting there.  Make a choice; then be willing and allowing.  There is so much your Higher Self is eager to show.  Just ask.  You must ask.

In the embrace of your Higher Self, awash in the love of God/Goddess/All That Is, behold the twinkling and the shining.  It is how you’ll discover the radiant Light of the world you helped to create.

Oh, the twinkling and the shining!  Oh, your twinkling, and Oh, your shining!


Oh, the Twinkling and the Shining!

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