Harness the Incredible Benefits of Meditation—in Just Minutes Per Day!

The Best Meditations on the Planet is a thoroughly modern, personally unique encyclopedia of specific meditations for physical, emotional, and spiritual health and healing—for yourself and the entire planet. This is the most comprehensive approach to practical meditation I have seen and enjoyed. I will be recommending it to everyone.” – C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., founder of the American Holistic Medical Association and president of Holos Institutes of Health.

Over the last decade, hundreds of scientific studies have touted the benefits of meditation and its ability to do everything from rewiring your brain for happiness to bolster your immune system against illness. The Best Meditations on the Planet gives you 100 meditations that can be used anytime and anywhere to immediately improve your emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Drawing on techniques from all over the world, each meditation is set up in seven steps or fewer and can be practiced in just minutes. Whether you’re a novice looking to begin your practice or a more advanced meditation practitioner seeking new techniques, The Best Meditations on the Planet will give you powerful tools and techniques to change your life for the better.

#6 Release Stress at the End of the Day

#14 Breathe Deeply to Lower Your Blood Pressure

#23 Manage Anger by Disconnecting Your “Buttons”

#51 Release Performance Anxiety

#85 Unblock Your Creativity

If you’ve always wanted to reap the benefits of meditation but were concerned that it is too hard, takes too much time, or requires complicated esoteric rituals, The Best Meditations on the Planet will get you meditating—and experiencing benefits—immediately.


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