There’s a devastating drought in our world today.  No, it’s not the result of some weather condition or a result of the absence of rain.  It’s a more catastrophic condition brought on by fear, terror, rage, and chaos.  It’s brought on by humankind’s struggle with an unknown and uncertain future of a world becoming new.

The drought plaguing us is the drought of creativity and innovation and the severe shortage of understanding and civility.  We’re in the midst of a drought of hope and compassion.  And we sorely lack vision, wisdom, forgiveness, dialogue, and balance.  We’re entangled in a fear-based story that has no third act and plays out in conflict, strife, and violence. Our world is breaking apart, as it must, but it’s also becoming mad with fear. But there’s a way out of the madness if we only pause and pay attention and keep ourselves from becoming swept in the frenzy and the chaos.

There’s a way out if we navigate our ship in the narrows between the opposing voices and if we avoid the siren’s call to crash on the rocky banks of a reality that does not reflect the Light of the new world emerging.  There’s a passage through these darkened times, these times of drought and pain, these voices of terror and anguish.

Step back, pause, go within, and mark well the course of your journey forward.  Gather your power; claim the authorship of all you’re observing, without blame or guilt, yes, even your authoring of this chaos and drought.  Do what you came in this life to do: love, dream, heal and work your magic.

What do we do, how do we heal, how do we end this drought?

Why, do what it is you always do when you wish to heal!  Flow within yourself the soothing and healing waters of hope and compassion.  Seek out a greater understanding of the world about you and those within it.  Pursue creativity and lift your creativity to the grand heights of innovation.  Seek genuine dialogue; don’t hide in mindless dogma.  Open to your inherent wisdom by always eyeing the bigger picture without losing sight of the current. Be the visionary you were born to be and dream futures of Light and Substance.  And exercise the power of forgiveness, the forgiveness of yourself, others, and especially those you falsely blame and judge for the turbulent times you live.  You’re the author of your reality, not others. Stop giving them your power.  Cultivate within yourself a sense of balance and discernment, and always act with kindness and civility.

Be yourself, that’s all; not some tragic character in a story that isn’t real.  Stop playing the Biblical Noah, and author a different story.  Flood the Earth with your healing, dreams, love, and magic.  And build an arc for all to travel upon with elegance, dignity, and grace.

What you see lacking all about you, awaken within yourself and flow it out into your world.  Nothing more than that is needed or required.

You matter more than you realize.  No, you’re not a tiny drop in a vast ocean; you are the ocean.

Oh, how I wish you’d discover and accept this!

The Drought We’re In

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