The work of the ASAT C.O.R.E. Counselor is not limited to the time spent working with clients or the time spent taking classes, developing marketing strategies, or anything else for that matter.

Many ASAT counselors do not work with clients directly; they do not have offices, signs in front of the door, or a fancy marketing plan.  Yet, they’re ASAT C.O.R.E. Counselors.

‘Counselor’ was the title given to you upon completion of a course of study. You’ve completed the course; you’ve earned the title.  But the title is just a word, nothing more. ‘ASAT C.O.R.E. Counselor’ doesn’t mean anything until you give it meaning and value in yourself.  No, it doesn’t mean you’re required to be an active participant in a distinct profession, but it does mean you’re an individual with a different calling. You were called once to the game of healing, and you are again. You don’t have to get into the game; you are the game.

You were drawn to this C.O.R.E. perspective, whether you make it a profession or not.  You were brought to this unique calling of healing, whether you answer the call or not.  But beyond the call to become a healer, to enter a profession, you were asked to challenge yourself, to surpass, and to supersede yourself.  Are you?

It doesn’t matter why you answered the call, why you took the class; all that matters is that you were called; not everybody is.  This “answering” in no way makes you special or better than; it just says you’re unique, whether your focus is on a particular profession, or on helping others through your day-to-day interaction with them, or changing the world by your being in it. You’re an ASAT C.O.R.E. Counselor because you’re a magician, a map-maker, a healer.  And what is the work of a magician?  A magician’s work is to love, to dream, to heal, and to work magic.  Are you?

No, doing the work of an ASAT C.O.R.E. Counselor is not limited to a fifty-minute session, setting appointments, or bantering about words like conscious, own, release, and engage. It’s not limited by anything you do or say. It’s shown in the workings of your life, it’s reflected in your dreams, love, healing of self and others, and in the magic you craft, and in the magic you allow, and it shines in the brightness, or dimness, of what you’re allowing your life to become.  You are the healing game you play in, and you are the one who chooses to win or lose at the playing of it.

You’re being called once again, this time by a world desperately in need of love, desperately in need of dreams, desperately in need of healing, and desperately in need of magic.  Are you going to answer the call?  Are you going to step up and stand out?  Are you going to get into the game you’re called to play?  Are you?

No, you’re not being asked to work with clients.  No, you’re not being asked to save the world; there’s nothing from which the world needs saving. You’re being asked to love, to heal, to dream new dreams of futures yet to come, and to work a little magic now and again. You’re being called to do the work of the ASAT C.O.R.E. counselor, the real work of the ASAT C.O.R.E. counselor. You’re being called to counsel yourself: your younger, less developed selves. It’s your younger selves and your dark counselors who call out to you amidst the frenzy, turmoil, and chaos of the changing times we’re in. It’s in the callings of their desperate fear that, to you, their lives don’t matter. It’s in their calls from the quarantine you’ve forced them in that they seek release and freedom to grow and prosper; it’s through their raging shouts, and it’s by their destructive frenzy to pull down your iron monuments to past memories and faded glories that they seek to get your attention. And it’s in the calls from their isolation that they ask to be discovered.

Go within, find them, respond to them, dream dreams with them, work your healing magic with them, and love them.  ASAT C.O.R.E. Counselors only have one client in life, themselves. Remember, always, “Nothing changes until you do.”  Are you?

Now is the time to see what you’re made of.

The Work of the ASAT C.O.R.E. Counselor

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