When looking for the Unconscious meaning of any shout, break it down into smaller components. In the case of Covid-19, break the disease and its demands down into smaller elements.  Do this by looking at what it’s doing.  What are its characteristics?  What are you and others believing about it?  What is the media reporting about it?  What are your fears surrounding it?  For example, let’s list some terms and words often applied to Covid-19.  The more common terms associated with it are,
Social distance
Isolation and separation
Danger to seniors
Loss (i.e., of security, of livelihood, of life, of connection, etc.)

Now let’s work with each component to discover if the shout applies.

Pandemic:  A pandemic is a threat prevalent throughout the world.    No one is safe from it; everyone is susceptible to its ravishes; all are vulnerable.  The shout of Covid-19 is a shout-out to everyone, no exceptions.  Everyone has to pay attention to it.

Social distance:  Covid-19 requires each of us to distance ourselves.  It demands we shun closeness and forces us to face ourselves without the outside distractions we use to hide (i.e., family, job, partnership, social activities, etc.)  This distancing is forcing us, individually, to meet our hidden fears, loneliness, and pains. The times demand we do so.

Isolation and Separation:  As all life requires both ebbing and flowing, pause and action, Covid-19 forces us to ebb, go within, prioritize, reassess, re-evaluate, and slow down. Humanity needs to step back and go inward.  It has for too long maintained forward progress without assessing and reassessing its way on or dreaming its future and becoming.  Covid-19 is demanding humanity do so now.

Mask:  We all must wear a mask.  The truth is we always wear a mask; only now, we’re making it physical so we can observe it physically.  We hide in some false self-image and project a distorted version of ourselves to others and our world.  The shout from the Unconscious is that now we must remove the old mask we hide behind and let the truth of us shine forth.  The mask is a shout to discover, accept, and project our beauty, truth, and goodness. We must show the real us.  Stop hiding and allow yourself to breathe freely.

Danger to seniors:  The most vulnerable among us are our seniors.  We have for so long ignored them.  They’re the most invisible among us. Many possess experience, insight, and wisdom much needed in our world today.  Yet, because most of the world views the old as expendable, a necessary burden, and a point of pity and condescension, many seniors are ready and choosing unconsciously to pass on. There was a time, and in some cultures, there still is, when the old among us was respected and cherished, not as babysitters or ancient relics, but as vital resources for knowledge, insight, and wisdom.  The times demand that we do not diminish or ignore their gifts. The times require we give them their proper place of respect and value.

Fear:  Covid-19 brings to the surface great fear and terror.  What we lock imprisoned within us cannot remain hidden forever; it must be faced and felt for its healing to occur.  The old world is ending; the new is emerging, and fear and terror must and will surface.  If, however, we lose ourselves in the whirlwind, we’ll not be able to see the presence of a new world all around us.  Feel the fear, acknowledge it, forgive yourself, and let it transform into magic; this is the need of the time.

Vulnerability:  Covid-19 is bringing with it intense feelings of vulnerability.  It exposes all the false structures we’ve placed in our life to keep us safe and to keep us from feeling vulnerable.  We’ve hidden behind thick walls and invested so much of our energy to maintain them.  Now that they’re crumbling, we’re coming face to face with our belief and fear in our vulnerability; this must occur. The times are demanding that we expose these false walls we’ve built around us and that we choose to step outside them.  The times, this new emerging world, requires each of us to become vulnerable to our strengths and weaknesses.  If we do, we’ll then discover that, in truth, we are invulnerable.

Loss:  The old world’s ending and the new world’s emerging; this brings with it a powerful sense of loss.  Nothing of the past will remain, and all the old familiar sources of comfort and security will no longer be present.  We’re being called on to open to new safety and security, sources found within ourselves.  We’re being called on to new sources of life and a livelihood beyond mere jobs, careers, and the simple activities of day-to-day survival.  And we’re being called to a more profound and a more genuine sense of connection.

Rage:  Monumental change is always preceded by monumental chaos.  Chaos, the Unknown, is what humanity has ever tried to prevent. Humanity’s greatest fear is the Unknown, and when in fear, most people revert to rage; they rage against the Unknown and against the terror the Unknown always brings with it.  Like an animal cornered by an attacker, they lash out with rage and frenzy.  We can see this happening all around us.  Feel the rage, don’t stuff it back down.  Choose to release it, not to lash out or hurt or destroy.  If you do this, you can facilitate its healing.

Dependence:  Covid-19 demands we reveal what and who we depend on for our security and survival.  Is it the ‘father’ government; is it the mercy of social hand-outs?  Is it anything outside yourself?  You are loved, safe, and protected always.  The shout of Covid-19 is to recognize your old dependencies and discover and accept that you’re always supported. You’re supported, loved, and always protected by your Higher Self, and God/Goddess/All That Is.  Let that in.

Shutdown:  People are shutting down their businesses; many are permanently losing them.  Dreams are dashed, and hopes are shattered.  Covid-19 calls out for more hope, more dreams, and less shutting down of emotions.  If we do not allow our emotions full expression but instead shut down and lock them away, they will, in time, come out, perhaps violently, perhaps in other devastating ways.  All shouts bring positive and negative messages.  Heed the negative; welcome the positive.  Your dreams and accomplishments are never in jeopardy unless you make or allow it so.  Never stop dreaming.  But always dream higher.

Suffering:  Covid-19 is bringing with it great pain and suffering.  It calls us to compassion, not blame and bitterness; it calls us to our humanity and to what unites us, not dogmatic thinking that divides us.  Covid-19 demands creativity and innovation; both sorely are lacking in our world today.  Covid-19 demands of us that we awaken hope and not retreat to our usual cynicism and negativity.  And Covid-19 calls out for magic, not to retreat into our familiar games of martyrhood.

The old ‘tried and true’ structures of our past are no longer working and will no longer work.  We must pause, go within, forgive ourselves for desperately clinging to what was, and be open to accepting what will be.

If none of the above holds any connection for you or does not help to surface unconscious messaging that you can relate to, make a list of what Covid-19 is saying to you.  Although the event is universal in its impact, it’s always a personal message to each individual facing it.

Understanding the Shout of Covid-19

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