Want more clients?  OK, we can plan some brilliant marketing strategy or hire professionals who specialize in such things to do it for you; that’s one way.  We can put ads in newspapers or magazines; that’s another. Or, we can rely on ‘good old word of mouth;’ that’s certainly another. There are many ways to get your message out to the public.  Some routes are costly; others, not so.  Some are effective, some less so.  But, when push comes to shove, there’s only one real way to draw clients to your services; and that’s to quit blocking the door.

The truth is that you can have as many clients as you wish; after all, it’s you who creates your reality, not some marketing or advertising firm. All techniques and methods used to attract clients are simply rituals. They’re successful or not so successful, depending on the one performing the ritual.

The question that needs asking is, what is it you genuinely desire?  Or, better yet, who or what is doing the desiring?

Do you want more clients because your negative ego says it will make you happier and fulfill all your needs and wants?  If so, rethink it.

Do you want more clients because it will finally prove you’ve “arrived?”
If so, rethink it.

Do you want more clients because it will finally validate or vindicate you?  If so, rethink it.

Do you want more clients because a lesser part of you believes this will make its life more complete?  If so, rethink it.

Do you want more clients because consensus thinking says that having many clients is proof that you are, in fact, a healer?  If so, rethink it.

Do you secretly hold that if you had more clients, then that would be proof that God/Goddess/All That Is love you?  If so, rethink it.

Maybe the truth is you don’t want a ton of clients. Perhaps you’d be happier with an occasional client, here and there?  If that’s true, recognize it and acknowledge it and let it be OK with you.

Maybe the form that healing takes must change for you, not the act of healing itself.  You’re a healer.  You wouldn’t have been attracted to the craft if it weren’t so.  Having many clients or very few, if any, is not a standard you should use to judge your calling.

You were born to be a healer; you will heal whether in a professional setting or not.  Being who and what you are, heals; this is your destiny.  People who drift within your orbit will find healing and nurturing there.  But, of course, if you don’t find someone to heal, you can always heal the world.

If you don’t have clients, maybe you don’t want them in the form you’re asking for.  Process what you’re asking for; go deep within to find your answers.  You possess the knowledge you seek.

Your negative ego holds that form will dictate whether or not you’re a healer.  Your Higher Self knows it’s in the content that the healer in you lays, as well as the fulfillment and happiness it will bring you.

If you aren’t getting all the clients you need and want, it’s because you’re barring the door and not letting them in, nothing more, nothing less.  Process through what it is you really want.  When you discover what it is that will indeed make you happy and fulfilled, pursue it.  You cannot fail at your destiny’s calling; you can only dilly-dally around pursuing things of which you have little interest.

You’re a healer in some form or another.  Find the form that resonates with you, and you’ll be wondrously successful at it.

Why Are You Blocking the Door?

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